Ground Freight

  • Transportation of large shipments (up to 24 tones) from/to the European Union (EU) and from/to the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).
  • Transportation of partial and small shipments from/to EU and from/to CIS on a regular basis.
  • Transportation of irregular-sized shipments.
  • Transportation of dangerous cargo (ADR).
  • Transportation of cargo which requires specific handling (specialized temperature, packaging etc. requirements).
  • Consulting services regarding ground freight from/to EU and from/to CIS.
  • We administer all the customs documentation and other freight-related formalities; we can also complete the shipping documents.
  • We hire independent experts to carry out the quantity and assortment verification during cargo reload.
  • We utilize additional materials to properly fasten and secure the shipment when necessary.
  • Upon customer’s demand, the cargo can be insured.
  • We offer transit/ freight forwarding services in the countries of the European Union.
  • We provide shipment tracking information.

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